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Balance and Flow

Balance And Flow

Nowhere is the inspiration of mosaic masterpieces more well reflected than in the architectural facade of D'Tessera Residences. Vertical fins make up the main design element. Small, unobtrusive fins introduce a visual hierarchy that breaks the monotony of the building and adds depth to the exterior of the building. The layout of the fins also provide a visual focus leading to the public square, and the natural stone cliff and waterfall behind the building. Attentive choices in design, material and layout create harmony between man-made and nature-made, where modern co-exists seamlessly with celebration of nature.

Rhythms In Nature

Rhythms in Nature

Mosaics are masterpieces of a collective. They offer a breathtaking view of multiple single units - a tesserae - coming together to form a work of art. Each tile, nondescript on its own, but stunning in the whole canvas. D'Tessera Residences draws from these notions of repetition, rhythm and patterns. A space made up of different individual elements united in a carefully constructed flow to create a complete picture of living well at its best.

Heartbeat of the Valley

Heartbeat of the Valley

The integrated township of Central Park Damansara in North Petaling Jaya is emerging as the new, vibrant heartbeat of Klang Valley. As one of the components of this development, D'Tessera Residences is surrounded by a plethora of amenities and facilities, including a vast beautiful public park at its doorstep.

A public square recalls the spirit of traditional heritage towns, linking the township together through a lively retail street mall. The area is also conencted by roads, highways and expressways to major cities and mature neighbourhoods, and is within access of public transportation, which make commuting easier and offer access to many more.

flower Living Spaces

Living Spaces

Spaciousness is highly valued at D'Tessera Residences. The 671 units range in size from 1,110 sq ft to 1,331 sq ft, and are available in 3 + 1 bedrooms or 4 + 1 bedrooms configurations. Acknowledging home owners desire for flexibility, space and customisation, all units have hackable walls to allow for variation in design and space usage. In addition, selected eldery-friendly units also include built-in ramps at the foyer and one bathroom for easy wheelchair access.

Nourished by Nature Opacity Nourished by Nature

Nourished by Nature

The linear park hugging one side of D'Tessera Residences forms an important internconnecting element between the residences and the natural environment. The canvas created by the vertical greenery and rock cliffs breathe life into the living spaces within. Elements of nature are present at every turn, carefully worked into the built environment - from decorative elements to choice of materials, everything honours mother nature. Whether at work, rest or play, residents will relish a nourishing connection with the natural world.

Rhythmic, calm and restorative, D'Tessera's Residences connects living to the refreshing flow of nature, in a serene cocoon that breathes new life into living spaces.